Open Letter to Kejriwal: Show AAP Donations , Else Face No Donation Satyagraha

Dr. Munish Raizada from Chicago USA wrote an open letter to Aam Aadmi Party on Nov. 25,2016 asking it to come clean on its donations or else face Satyagraha. 

Here is the letter:

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) preaches that it is a purely public funded party and it shows all its donations via its official website. In other words, AAP sasy that it believes in absolute financial transparency and all its donations are shown in public.


Since June of 2016, it has scrapped all its donations from its website. It has removed the list of Donors from its website.

This snip is from AAP official website. Since June the website has been telling us “New Version Coming Up Soon”. This snip was taken on Nov 26,2016.

AAP has given various reasons (excuses) to justify its opaque practices. The pet excuse is: Modi is raiding our donors.

As AAP supporters, members and fans: we are truly dismayed at the cloudy practices of AAP.

AAP came into being preaching honesty and transparency. But now it is betraying its supporters and public.

What can we do?

I am asking you to join this Satyagraha

(If) No List: No Donation

i.e., If AAP does Not show its Donations, We take a Pledge NOT to Donate it anymore.

Call it: चन्दा बंद सत्याग्रह

On November 25,2016 on the eve of Foundation Day of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP was officially launched on Nov 26,2012 in New Delhi, India), Dr. Munish Kumar Raizada –  Chicago-based Medical Doctor and suspended member of AAP- wrote an open letter to Aam Aadmi Party asking