Q 1: What is No List No Donation?

Ans.: “No List: No Donation” is a Satyagraha (insistence for truth) launched against Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) for shielding its donations from public view.

Q 2: What is the purpose of this Satyagraha?

Ans.: No List : No Donation (Please use hashtag #NoListNoDonation at Social Media)

That means: (If) No List (of donors): No Donation

In other words,  If AAP does Not show its Donations, We take a Pledge NOT to Donate it anymore.

Call it: चन्दा बंद सत्याग्रह (chanda band satyagraha/ Stop Donation Satyagraha)

Please take a stand today. Take a Pledge today!

Take a Pledge NOT to donate to Aam Aadmi Party UNTIL it puts its donations back in public domain.

Sign the Pledge here:


Q 3: Who started this Satyagraha?

Ans.: Initiated by Dr. Munish Kumar Raizada, a Chicago based medical doctor and suspended member of AAP. He put his medical career on hold and supported the AAP movement by working for the party in various capacities during 2013-2015.

But, please note that NoListNoDonor Satyagraha belongs to all of us- general public and also volunteers, supporters and members of AAP.

The public donated to AAP with a faith and trust because AAP promised that it will make its donations public. The public donated because AAP sought donations and promised that it would give an account of each and every penny.

But to our dismay, the party has brazenly scrapped the list of donations from its official website  since June of 2016 and there is no sign of it coming up soon.

Q 4: Aam Aadmi Party has been saying that it has stopped displaying details of donations because Mr. Modi has started raiding its donors?

Ans.: Unfortunately, Aam Aadmi Party has now started making these kinds of weird assertions (excuses). In fact, in an interview to Ankit Tyagi of Aaj Tak on November 07, 2016, when asked why AAP has removed the list of donations from its website, Mr. Kejriwal replied,” Central Government has started raiding our donors, thus we cannot show our donations.”

Our view point is very clear on this:

People have donated and nurtured the party like patriots (desh bhakts) because AAP gave them to understand that it is not a mere political party, it is a 2nd war for independence (Aazadi ki doosri ladai).  People  have donated to AAP like kranti-kaaris. People supported and donated to the party because they could feel a revolutionary zeal by slogans given by AAP like “Niklo bahr makanoon se, Jung lado baimaano se”.

How can AAP NOW betray them by hiding their financial contributions?

On a personal note, I (Munish Raizada) have donated Lakhs to rupees to the party and I do not fear any persecution from any authorities.

Q 5: Why take this matter to public? Why not talk to Aam Aadmi Party leaders?

Ans.: Several members and volunteers have expressed concern and anguish over opaque financial behavior of the party. Some independent principled people within the party have raised this issue internally and externally.

Q6: Why should I take and pledge and what should I do?

Ans.: It is a very simple preposition.

AAP preaches that it is a purely public funded party and it puts details of even a single Rupee donation in public domain.

Well, AAP has stopped doing it. It has taken a U turn from its own promise to the public.

What we ask you to do under this Satyagraha:

Take a pledge that you will NOT donate to the party until it makes its donations public.

Sign up for your pledge here.

Q 7: Why are you targeting AAP only? Do other parties give details of their funding? They are very corrupt, why not question them?

Ans.: You are right! In our India, there are more than 1800 political parties. These all have  corrupt, criminal and characterless people.

That is why AAP was given birth so as to bring Vyastha Parivartan and change political culture in India. Clean politics with clean money was AAP’s self -proclaimed principle.

Let us now not take shelter into the vice of other parties. The public, volunteers and members of AAP invested time and zeal to change India. AAP is supposed to be the lode star in Indian politics. Let us not accept a lower standard for AAP.