“No List: No Donation” is a Satyagraha (insistence for truth) launched against Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) for shielding its donations from public view.

What is the purpose of this Satyagraha?

No List : No Donation (Please use hashtag #NoListNoDonation at Social Media)

That means: (If) No List (of donors): No Donation

i.e., If AAP does Not show its Donations, We take a Pledge NOT to Donate it anymore.

Call it: चन्दा बंद सत्याग्रह

Please take a stand today. Take a Pledge today!

Take a Pledge NOT to donate to Aam Aadmi Party UNTIL it puts its donations back in public domain.

Sign the Pledge here 


Dr. Munish Kumar Raizada (suspended member of Aam Aadmi Party and ex co-convener of NRI cell of AAP)

Chicago, USA

Cell (and WhatsApp): +1 217 720 9331

Email ID: pedia333@gmail.com